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What happens when a renowned studio bass player from Alabama and an aspiring songwriter from Germany run into each other at a gig in Nashville?  Precisely, they start a band!

Alison Prestwood, known as a bass studio ace around town, and Scarlett Egan, a singer/songwriter known to tour with Billy Prine, have formed an acoustic duo. 

Though they’ve only known each other for just over a year, they are often asked at performances whether they are related.  This is because, despite their being from two different generations and backgrounds, these women obviously have great mutual respect and a very special connection, which is evident in the striking blend of their voices and their infectiously wonderful time together on stage. 

Scarlett and Alison played and sang on each other’s 2022 albums.  Scarlett’s EP “The Next Man Who Loves Me” came out in May, and Alison’s album “The End And The Beginning” had its release date at the end of July.

The songs they write individually mix well together in concert, with each of them having a very observant, clever, and heartfelt way of putting their world into words and music. 
No performance with these two is ever the same; you’ll always hear something new they’ve worked out.  Come and enjoy seeing two friends and real-deal musicians having a fun time playing some great songs for you!

The Listening Room - Pigeon Forge, TN
February 2023

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